Seasons of Mama

Sitz Bath Salts


*Herbal Sitz for her Lady Bits by Seasons of Mama*


Includes reusable cotton bath tea bag.

Affectionately named, this postpartum healing blend is a gorgeous mixture of all organic herbs, botanicals and pharmaceutical grade Epsom salts to encourage a quicker post-birth recovery! Can also be used in pregnancy for relief of haemorrhoids.

Enjoy as a Sitz bath in shallow water daily or 2-3/week for 20 minutes (or as directed by your own health care professional) to help alleviate any post-birth discomfort (including bruising, sutures and/or hemorrhoids). Can also be steeped for 10 minutes in the reusable bath tea bags provided in boiling hot water then placing the clear bath tea into a peri bottle to use daily, especially after using the toilet. 

This hand-blended batch includes the following all organic herbs/botanicals:

•Comfrey Leaf - reduce inflammation

•Calendula Petals- wound healing

•Lavender- antiseptic 

•Rosemary- improves circulation 

•Shepherds Purse - reduce bleeding 

•Raspberry Leaf- relief of afterbirth pains/cramps 

•Yarrow Flower- haemorrhoid relief