Our Story

Small Supply Co. came to life just before our eldest turned one. It has grown and evolved with our family over the years and I’m so proud of where it is now.

Not only is the store full of products I love and truly believe in, it is now a way for me to share our story and raise awareness of something very close to my heart.

In June 2019 our baby girl Elodie, our third child, was born still at 36 weeks. No words can describe the pain of losing a child. Our family and lives have changed in a way we never could have imagined. In honour our baby girl we have released Elodie’s Bows – where $5 from every set of bows sold is donated to Still Aware who provide Stillbirth awareness and education. By creating awareness of Stillbirth I hope in some way we can help another family avoid such heartache.

Along with Elodie’s Bows, we give you curated collections of the small things we love.  We are big believers in quality over quantity and don’t want to overwhelm you with choice! Our curated collections will grow and change over time but one thing will remain the same - they will be full of products we love that are fun, simple and beautiful - the way childhood should be.

We hope you love our store as much as we do.

Renee x

P.S if you want to hear more of our story you can listen to our Australian Birth Stories podcast.